Ferrous Recycling

Ferrous Recycling

Ferrous Recycling

We are ready to serve you irrespective of the volume or diversity of recyclable material or how challenging the removal process is. Scrap generators are vital to the entire process of scrap recycling. We prepare the nonferrous scrap metal we purchase from you for resale to our customers for remelting into new metallic products. Your scrap is processed through a variety of methods including sorting, shredding, shearing or cutting, baling, briquetting or chopping.

We purchase ferrous scrap
from several sources:

  • Industrial scrap
  • Obsolete scrap

    from auto wreckers, demolition contractors, railroads, buses and others, including anyone's metallic maintenance scrap, and from smaller scrap yards who generate obsolete steel and iron scrap.

  • High Cans Corporation

    also purchases scrap generated from our own auto crushing and demolitions jobs and from smaller scrap dealers, peddlers and others who deliver both industrial and obsolete scrap directly to our recycling premises.

    We collect ferrous scrap from the metal-working industry, metal service centers and other sources by providing in-plant accumulation and retrieval bins and/or truck containers at their facilities. When full, the bins and containers are transported to our processing facilities.

    Prices paid for scrap metals, on a delivered basis, are determined primarily by market demand and the composition, quality, size and weight of the materials. Our substantial investment in processing equipment and an extensive truck fleet ensures the highest level of service.

  • High Cans Corporation

    with suitable facilities has the ability to coordinate all scrap activity for large producers of scrap and improve their net scrap revenue.

    For expert consultation in material handling to safe, clean and advanced technology at our facilities, please consult High Cans Corporation for leadership in recycling and raw material management for the 21st Century.


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