Non-Ferrous Recycling

Non-Ferrous Recycling

Non-Ferrous Recycling

We are ready to serve you irrespective of the volume or diversity of recyclable material or how challenging the removal process is. Scrap generators are vital to the entire process of scrap recycling. We prepare the nonferrous scrap metal we purchase from you for resale to our customers for remelting into new metallic products. Your scrap is processed through a variety of methods including sorting, shredding, shearing or cutting, baling, briquetting or chopping.

Nonferrous scrap is purchased from several primary sources:

Industrial scrap - from manufacturers, service centers and other nonferrous scrap sources who generate new metal scrap as a by-product of their production processes, such as scrap aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, high temperature alloys and other metals.

Obsolete scrap - from telecommunications, aerospace, defense, demolition and recycling companies that generate obsolete scrap consisting primarily of copper wire and exotic metal alloys; and smaller scrap dealers and peddlers who deliver their scrap directly to our facilities.

We collect nonferrous scrap from the metal-working industry, metal service centers and other sources by providing in-plant accumulation and retrieval bins and/or truck containers at their facilities. When full, the bins and containers are transported to our processing facilities.

Prices paid for scrap metals, on a delivered basis, are determined primarily by market demand and the composition, quality, size and weight of the materials.

Once received, the material is sorted, graded, properly prepared and packaged for sale. High Cans Corporation sells its nonferrous scrap products to end-users, such consumers as refineries, smelters, specialty steel makers, foundries, and specialty ingot makers throughout Malaysia. Prices for some nonferrous scrap metals change daily based on the London Metals Exchange spot and future prices.

Copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, die cast, stainless steel, titanium and high temperature alloys are among the significant nonferrous metals we buy, process and sell.